Comedian Jason Manford admits that Tesco Turned down his Application to be a Delivery Driver

Jason Manford entertains Credit: Arif Gardner AG

MANCHESTER comedian Jason Manford received a number of very rude tweets from trolls after he announced on social media that he had applied to be a delivery driver for the Tesco supermarket chain but was turned down.

Some thought it was a publicity stunt so that he got the coverage but didn’t have to do any work, but it transpires that he thought that he could be of assistance during the lockdown and has since been helping as a volunteer driver whilst also home schooling his six children.

A spokesperson for Tesco told the Manchester Evening News; “We’ve recruited around 50,000 temporary workers during the Coronavirus pandemic and they have played a huge part in helping us to serve customers safely during these unprecedented times.


“Jason’s skills would have no doubt brought a lot of joy to our customers and colleagues, so it’s a shame he didn’t make the deadline for this vacancy.

“But should he ever want to join the Tesco family in the future, we’d be happy to receive an application from him.”

According to the comedian he even included a light hearted attempt to persuade them of his potential by including in his CV the comment “‘previous experience: Comedian. So, I know that it’s all in the delivery!”


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