Spanish National Oil Company helps to feed Children and Elderly of Costa del Sol Town

Councillor Córdoba thanked Cepsa for the donation

AS there is a major oil refinery owned by Cepsa in the area of the Campo de Gibraltar between San Roque and La Linea de la Concepcion, the Fundación Cepsa has been involved in a number of social projects with the San Roque Council.

Now it has entered into a new agreement whereby it will donate €20,000 to the San Roque Food Guarantee Programme which distributes food to those in need.

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Councillor Mónica Córdoba took the opportunity to thank the Foundation for all of its support and advised that since the State of Alarm, the volume of support in the way of food and non-perishables.

The Food Guarantee Programme was launched in 2011 and has been maintained every year since as there are always children and the elderly in particular who need assistance and the work of recognising who is in need is undertaken by the council and Civil Protection.

The supply of essentials is additional to the financial help that the council gives in respect of day to day needs to pay utility bills, school fees, children’s clothing and much more.


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