WATCH: Safe destination selling point for luring back foreign tourists to Spain’s holiday island Mallorca

THEME: The promotional video presents Mallorca as a safe and healthy holiday destination CREDIT: Mallorca Tourism Youtube

THE Mallorca government is continuing with its ‘See You Soon’ campaign to lure back tourists to the island once travel restrictions are lifted and air travel and ferry passenger services start up again.

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The Consell’s Tourism department has released a new promotional video presenting the island as a safe and healthy holiday destination aimed primarily at Mallorca’s main visitor market countries.

The 35-second video features images of happy, healthy people safely exercising, relaxing and enjoying a family meal in their houses interspersed with shots of what they could be looking forward to doing on the island.

‘This is your home,’ and ‘We will be waiting for you,’ are the positive messages the Mallorca government hopes will resonate with northern Europeans eager to enjoy some Mediterranean sunshine.


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