Police save violent assailant from plummeting to his death in Spain’s holiday island Mallorca

DRAMATIC: Police officers found the suspect hanging on to a ledge from the roof of a building CREDIT: Guardia Civil

POLICE have saved a violent assailant from plunging to his death from a building in Mallorca capital Palma.

The 58-year-old fled up to the roof of the building where he had allegedly attacked and threatened to kill two people after police arrived on the scene.

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The officers chased after the suspect and found him trying to hide by hanging on to a ledge with his hands, his feet supported by a small bit of the wall that was jutting out.

The officers grabbed him by the arms to stop him from falling. But according to reports he tried to shake them off, even leaving one of his feet hanging in the air. He also grabbed one of the policeman’s wrists and yanked at it.

Helped by his colleagues the officer managed to avoid tumbling over the roof himself.

Eventually the suspect was pulled to safety, searched and promptly arrested.

The whole incident began with a call out to police late on Sunday night, alerting the authorities to a fight between several people, one of them supposedly carrying a knife.

When the officers got there they were told the 58-year-old had arrived at the building in a real state because his mobile phone had been stolen and had attacked two others, one with scissors. Also, that he had been seen waving a screwdriver around.

His supposed victims claimed the man had tried to stab them and had issued death threats. Both had minor injuries, one in the hand and one in the stomach.

It was after taking the victims’ statements that the officers started looking round the building and came across the man they said had assaulted them on the third floor, screwdriver in hand. He refused to calm down, leading to the whole rooftop drama.


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