Motril’s mayor seeks support for the town’s fishing sector

CAMPAIGN: Motril’s mayor and fishing industry representatives. Photo credit: Motril town hall

Motril’s mayor seeks support needed for the town’s fishing sector which supports so many local families.

MOTRIL’S mayor Luisa Garcia Chamorro called on the municipality’s population to support the local fishing industry. Professional fishing is one of the town’s principal economic sectors and the town hall, together with the Asociacion de Productores Pesqueros and those who market the catches are joining forces to promote Motril’s fresh fish. Motril is Granada’s only fishing port, a circumstance that worked in its favour and which all those involved in the campaign would be emphasising, the mayor said. The campaign, part of the programme for the recovery of Motril’s economy and commerce, is also promoting a local industry which, directly and indirectly, supports many of the town’s families.
“It is essential to give our fishing sector all the backing it needs to help it emerge from the present situation which is really affecting them,” Garcia Chamorro said.

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