France’s supermarkets now supply protective face masks with Lidl selling full stock of 5 million masks in one day.

Intermarché prioritised clients with loyalty cards. Credit: Twitter

France’s supermarkets now supply protective face masks with Lidl selling full stock of five million masks in one day.

FRENCH supermarkets have started to sell face masks as protection against Covid-19 this week as the country begins to ease out of lockdown.
The masks come in two different kinds, single-use, disposable ones, and more costly fabric ones that can be washed and reused a number of times.
In Carrefour, masks are available at the checkout. They are sold in quantities of five and 10. Disposable masks cost 58 centimes each and fabric masks cost €1-€3.
Intermarché has prioritised those clients who have a loyalty card by offering them, from last week, the opportunity to reserve masks online before picking them up at the store reception.
However, from this week anyone can also reserve a box of 50 disposable masks online and pick it up from the reception at the store between set dates and times that will be indicated in an email. The box is sold for €29.54. Only one box can be reserved by customers.
Leclerc is selling masks individually or by sets of 10 at the reception of the store. Each mask costs between 50 and 60 cents.
Lidl sells single-use masks in batches of 50 in all its supermarkets, except in Paris where they are sold by batches of 10. Customers are limited to one pack of 50 masks per person or two packs of 10 in Paris. A box of 50 masks costs €30 and a box of 10 masks costs €10.
However, in just one day, Lidl sold its stock of five million masks. More masks will be available soon as Lidl expects 100 million masks in the next weeks, as well as fabric masks, visors and hydroalcoholic gels.


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