Costa Blanca council to strike the word ‘disabled’ from its road signs

MORE INCLUSIVE: Villajoyosa will gradually change all signs, removing the word disabled. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Villajoyosa

The word disabled is being removed from parking signs in Villajoyosa as the council’s Public Safety and Traffic department adapts road signs in a ‘more inclusive and respectful way.’

THE council has decided to remove any reference to reduced mobility from its road signs, retaining only the representative icon.

This action will be carried out gradually in various street locations and 17 car parks.

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Councillor for Public Safety and Traffic, Isabel Perona, said: “The government measure follows the example the city council of Vilnius, Lithuania, to adapt the road signs of the municipality to terms more respectful of those affected, under the policies of inclusion of the Department of Social Welfare and Equality.

“This measure is thus added to other initiatives already in progress such as improvements in accessibility at pedestrian crossings with pictograms that provide greater safety and remove barriers for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or intellectual disability.

“No one likes to be underestimated. The use of this language stigmatises those affected, and the stereotypes associated with any condition are negative and wrong for society.

“That is why we try to avoid them by adapting our road signs to all people, without terminology that is harmful to any group, and making them representative of all affected people, not just those suffering from a motor condition.

“We thus continue our work and commitment to transform Villajoyosa into a more accessible municipality for all people.”


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