BREAKING NEWS: Spain PM’s pact with Ciudadanos secures enough votes to guarantee fourth lockdown extension to May 25

Spain's PM Pedro Sanchez has hinted at the possibility of Malaga & Granada getting access to Phase 3 with the rest of provinces in the Andalucian region on June 8.

THE Spanish government’s pact with Ciudadanos has practically guaranteed that the fourth State of Alarm extension (for another 15 days from May 10) will get the go ahead in Congress tomorrow.

However, this time round, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez struggled to get the support he needed (as reported). But Sánchez has now secured just enough votes to get the extension agreed. He can now count on the votes of PSOE (120), Unidas Podemos (35), Ciudadanos (10), Más País (2), Compromís (1), Partido Regionalista de Cantabria (1) and Teruel Existe (1) – a total of 170.

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The opposition parties that will vote against an extension include Vox (52), ERC (13), JxCat (8) and la CUP (2). The PNV and Partido Popular (PP) parties have not made their decision public yet. However, it’s reported that with Ciudadanos now on board, Sánchez has secured enough votes to guarantee a lockdown extension.

The pact agreed with Cuidadonos is on the grounds that the government maintains protection measures for the country’s citizens to guarantee their health, economic and social well-being during the State of the Alarm.


  1. Yes we still have to stand strong for the sake of the Spanish health system.
    There is light at the end of tunnel.
    Being allowed out to exercise is a big plus now.
    We have all done a grand job and now we just need solidarity for a few more weeks.


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