One in two calls to police in Spain’s Costa Almeria lockdown regulation uncertainties

REPORTS: Police said a good number of calls concern people not respecting state of alarm restrictions on movement CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

AROUND one in two calls to Almeria National Police since the lockdown came into force have been requests for information about the measures and regulations implemented.

Police also reported that the number of calls coming into the 091 emergency number and its other lines added up to some 12,000 between when the State of Alarm came into force in mid-March and the end of April, and that on some days the amount was double the number of communications received in the same period last year.

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To respond to the increased demand, the police have upped the number of operators, maintaining this has reduced average response times to five seconds. They said officers taking the calls are trained and qualified to respond to questions and concerns about the government-imposed lockdown measures.

The CIMACC Control and Command Coordination Intelligent Centre, as the 091 coordination centre is now known, is getting an average of 250 calls a day coming in. These range from requests for police intervention and reports of criminal acts, to information on the lockdown restrictions on movement and the processing of ID documents and passports.

Police said they have received many calls reporting other people for not respecting the lockdown rules.

The CIMACC-091 has access to real time information on the location of police patrols in the city, and is responsible for coordinating and dealing with requests from the officers out on the beat, like for example whether a restraining order is in place to protect a gender-based violence victim.

The centre also coordinates the special security and emergency teams.


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