Beach Fans go Swimming and Surfing in Blatant Flouting of New Lockdown Rules in Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas of Spain

Surfers rumbled at Cala Reona in the Cartagena area.

BEACH fans have gone swimming and surfing in some blatant flouting of the new relaxed lockdown rules in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas of Spain.

The changes in the State of Alarm law over the May bank holiday weekend brought people out for the first time since the lockdown started in mid-March.

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It allowed the chance to enjoy a leisurely walk or to do some exercise, but rule breakers kept police forces and the Guardia Civil busy, especially in areas of the country that permitted people to go for a walk on the beach.

Activities like even stepping in the sea water, let alone swimming and surfing are still strictly prohibited.

That still didn’t stop a woman in the San Javier area of Murcia deciding to go for a dip with her young son at a La Manga beach.

A passer-by spotted her and rang the police, who arrived at the scene and told her to get out out of the water.

She was issued with a fine, whilst further south at Cala Reona in Cartagena, three young people decided to go surfing.

They were also reported by somebody in the area, and when the Guardia Civil arrived, they were not in the water.

Officers spotted a van parked in a field close to the beach, and checked it out, but the trio were not there.

An alert was issued to find them, and hours later two men and a woman were spotted walking on a path.

They were all wearing rucksacks and just happened to have surfboards under their arms.

A search of the backpacks uncovered their wetsuits which had clearly been used earlier.

The trio’s defence was that “surfing did not endanger anyone, since they were alone.”

It was then discovered that two of them had already been sanctioned for the same offence, and they were let off with another fine.

It was accompanied by a warning that if they were caught again, then would face a court on a charge of committing a crime of disobedience under the State of Alarm rules.


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