VIDEO: Spanish police are still trying to talk down an 83-year-old who has barricaded himself in his home this morning, after firing a shotgun into the air


An elderly man has barricaded himself in his Valladolid home in Spain this morning with two hunting guns after firing a shot in the air, National Police sources confirmed.

ACCORDING to the Government Delegation in Castile and Leon, the man is an 83-year-old widower, who lives in a penthouse in Delicias.

Sources told EFE, and there are no known injuries in the incident.

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Footage on social media show the man, identified as José Antonio, shooting from his fifth floor terrace, while security forces control the area below.

The pensioner can be seen holding a gun, protected by a mask, while he listens to officers trying to convince to come down through a tannoy.

According to the local media, the man who lives alone is said to have had several confrontations with his neighbours.

A Police Intervention Unit team have entered the block and his property from below.

And the National Police has deployed several patrols which, according to police sources, are trying to talk the man down without having to use force.

And UIP are on alert.

Meanwhile the Local Police have cut off the street in the Las Delicias neighbourhood.

While the National Police and a relative continue to try to convince him to “desist in his attitude and turn himself in,” the GEO will proceed with his arrest trying to cause the least possible damage, the government sub-delegate, Emilio Alvarez Villazan, confirmed to Europa Press.


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