UK Government Confirms British Expat Worst Fears in Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca in Spain


THE UK government has been confirming the worst fears of British expats living in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas over what might happen if they return home in the future.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told the BBC that he is “actively looking” at quarantining people entering the UK once travel restrictions are lifted in order to prevent any further spread of coronavirus.

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The length of the quarantine period that might be introduced is unknown.

The current position over arrivals is that they are advised to self-isolate and there is no compulsory Covid-19 testing.

Shapps added that the decision to not introduce a quarantine earlier was backed by the scientific advice at the time and allowed millions of people to return home and be with their families.

New restrictions would aim to keep infection rates under control and ensure that arrivals to the UK match the same social distancing rules currently being followed by the public.

Shapps advocated the use of a smartphone app that would track arrivals in the country, but since not everybody owns a smartphone, it’s unclear what would happen to non-owners.

UK airport bosses have called for heat-seeking units to be introduced to check on whether passengers have a high temperature, with Bournemouth in currently in the process of introducing them.


  1. Quarantine going back into the UK, what a joke. At present there are 60 flights a day going into Heathrow (figures from BBC News). I do not call that a lock down, flights to Boston, Washington and New York being a few, where are all these quarantining? Britain never got a hold of this quick enough THEY WERE WARNED. now it is the people coming into the country that need protection from the thousands that have not followed social distancing.


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