One of the Costa del Sol’s Longest running Restaurants Looks forward to Welcoming Customers Again

Brothers Raffaele and Vittorio Credit: EWN Media Group

IT was in 1984 that brothers Raffaele and Vittorio Morelli opened an oasis of calm that is Valparaiso Restaurant on the road to Mijas Pueblo.

Since that time it has become a place to enjoy top Italian food, great wines and entertainment but the lockdown has seen the restaurant closed and Raffaele just waiting to be able to open again.

Hopefully it is going to be sooner rather than later and with a large expanse of open area, it should be possible to start taking reservations from customers who are missing their Italian staples as soon as he feels that he can offer the usual quality of service.


Raffaele said “The whole team is already looking forward to the moment when we have our restaurant open again and hopefully you will see everyone healthy and happy again.

“We miss everybody. We even miss people telling us we did something wrong,”

“There’s just so many dynamics to the operation. Counters and bars will be closed; only one person will be allowed to run the cash register; and extra staff will be brought in to help enforce the six-foot rule. There are a lot of logistical headaches.”

He has emailed all of his customers saying he thinks they could give a much better service if waiters could know exactly who is coming when they make a reservation. Therefore the restaurant would like to add photo to the profile they hold on regular customers.

It’s a very unusual idea which shows the lengths to which the restaurant goes to personalise its service.

If you haven’t received the email and want to become one of the Valparaiso clients you can simply send a photo and your contact details to [email protected].


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