Costa del Sol Istán residents furious with ‘out-of-town’ cyclists flouting Spain’s lockdown restrictions to enter their Covid-19 free town

Around 20 cyclists on Costa del Sol flout lockdown restrictions on

Istán’s residents were both infuriated and alarmed by ‘out-of-town’ cyclists entering their Covid-19 free town on the first day that the public could leave confinement to walk or do a solo sports activity, putting local residents at risk of contagion.

THE Costa del Sol town is a beauty spot loved by naturists and cyclists alike, and it hasn’t registered any coronavirus cases since the pandemic started. Keen for it to stay that way, residents alerted the town’s law enforcement authorities, after at least 20 ‘out-of-town’ cyclists were spotted in the area during the early hours of Saturday morning.

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Istán Town Hall said that it has alerted the Guardia Civil and Marbella’s police to keep a watch out for ‘out-of-town’ flouters, as it is prohibited to travel to another town for exercise under the eased State of Alarm restrictions. The local Istán police is also on ‘high alert’ for ‘outsiders.’

“People must understand that they have to obey the restrictions, because if they don’t, they will be sanctioned, said the local head of security Juan García Marín. He also warned that excuses such as “I didn’t know” won’t be acceptable either.


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