Bargain price holiday home rental scammers in Spain’s Mallorca taking advantage of coronavirus crisis hit on tourism sector to rip people off

LURE: Online ads reportedly offer prices too good to resist for amazing properties CREDIT: Petr Kratochvil

SCAMMERS are taking advantage of the hit on Mallorca’s tourism sector from the coronavirus crisis to rip off people with false claims of bargain priced holiday home rentals, Spanish press report.

The island’s law enforcement have received at least three reports from people who have fallen for the false offers of rock bottom prices and the promise of a super cheap holiday on the island, and believe there could be significantly more cases, according to Spanish media.

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Online ads are said to lure victims with promises of prices too good to resist for amazing properties with pools, terraces and amazing views in locations all over the island, claiming the owners have been forced to slash charges because the pandemic has brought Mallorca’s tourism sector to its knees.

The victims are believed to pay a sum up front and then the emails and the contact with the person offering the supposed bargain stops, which is the penny drops the offer really was too good to be true.


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