Vicious Dog Fight in British Expat Area Sees Men Bitten and Taken to Costa Blanca Hospital in Spain

Dog fight road of Calle de Otelo, Villamartin.

A vicious fight between two dogs in a British expat area of the southern Costa Blanca area of Spain, saw two men bitten and taken to hospital for treatment.

THE details over the incident are sketchy but it happened in the Orihuela Costa area on Calle de Otelo in Villamartin, which is populated by British nationals and other non-Spanish residents.

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Orihuela Local Police said that the men, aged 17 and 30 suffered bites on their hands and forearms, after they tried to separate two dogs that had got into a scrap.

The dogs had little interest in being parted and assaulted the two men.

It’s unclear whether the dogs were being walked and whether they were under the supervision of the two individuals.

Likewise, there was no further information from the police as to the nationality of the men that tried to pull the dogs apart, or what eventually happened to the animals.


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