Nervous Driver in Spain Has Loads of Money in Costa Blanca Police Pull Up

Thousands of euros discovered by Guardia Civil in car.

A nervous-looking driver in Spain’s Costa Blanca area was pulled up by the Guardia Civil, and was found to have thousands of euros on him

Guardia Civil officers stopped the man’s car at a routine stop in the town of Albatera to check on why he was on the road during the country’s lockdown laws.

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Officers immediately spotted a dog between his legs, which under Spanish law has to be safely tethered on a back seat, or placed in a cage.

That piece of law-breaking encouraged the Guardia to have a full look at the 37-year-old man’s identification documents, but they were fake, and actually belonged to a friend of his.

Officers then discovered his true ID details on him, but things got worse for the man, as he was also behind the wheel with an invalid driving licence.

He was travelling under a false identity because he was the subject of a series of warrants issued by an Orihuela court.

His potential charge sheet increased still further as he was found to be in possession of three grams of cocaine in two pouches, which were seized along with two mobile phones.

The car was then given a thorough going-over by the Guardia, who found almost €26,000 in bank notes neatly wrapped up in small plastic bags, and hidden away in a compartment.

Drug trafficking, driving with a licence, breaking the State of Alarm, and having a dog loose in his car have now been added to the man’s existing docket.


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