“Huge thanks for your warm applause”, say Civil Protection and Local Police in Costa Blanca’s Benitachell as they call off their daily rounds of encouragement

WE ARE STIL HERE FOR YOU: Civil Protection volunteers and Local Police assure the people of Benitiachell. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Benitachell

Civil Protection volunteers and the Local Police in Benitachell have said a “huge thank you” to eveybody who has made them “feel very sheltered” as they said goodbye to the daily 8pm rounds of applause and encouragement.

A COUNCIL spokesperson said “they have decided to stop the usual rounds during State of Alarm after the announcement of the government’s de-escalation, which allows people to start taking walks and doing sports individually from today, Saturday May 2.”

Representatives of both forces added: “Thanks to all the citizens for their excellent behaviour and for receiving us and our rounds of encouragement every day with such warm applause.

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“For us it has been a real satisfaction to be able to distract them even for a few minutes, especially the children, in whom we have been able to see the excitement and enthusiasm every afternoon.”

They also reminded that even though their daily rounds are over, they will “still be there for those who need them”.

“The police are still patrolling and carrying out information tasks, and the Civil Protection continues with its food and medicine delivery service to the elderly and dependent people who require it,” they said in a statement.

Benitachell is one of 83 municipalities in Alicante Province with less than 5,000 residents, and residents are therefore not restricted to taking daily strolls within designated hours.


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