Geriatric Knifeman Goes Bonkers as Neighbours Cower in UK Expat area of Costa Blanca in Spain


A geriatric knifeman went bonkers in his street as neighbours cowered in a Costa Blanca area town in Spain.

THE 79-year-old man randomly threatened his neighbours with a large knife in Los Alcázares, and was eventually taken to hospital in Cartagena.

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The elderly Spaniard run out onto Calle Athenea in the Mar Menor town, and brandished the weapon at residents for no apparent reason.

One of the people living in the street described the situation as “tense.”

The man worked his was way down the road shouting at individual properties, and then the home owner opened the door, he waved the 30 centimetre knife at them, and shouted threats.

Two Los Alcázares Local Police patrols rushed to the scene, along with the Guardia Civil, and they saw him in the road clutching the weapon.

The police and Guardia presence did little to diminish his behaviour, and every time an officer tried to approach him to calm him down, he waved the knife at them.

The stand-off lasted for 30 minutes, with one of the police cars being damaged by the angry man.

Eventually officers rushed him and got hold of the knife.

An ambulance from San Javier took the irate resident to Santa Lucía Hospital in Cartagena, for an examination, which also included a psychiatric evaluation.


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