Residents on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca told to Cover Up as Clearer Skys in Spain due to no Planes sends UV levels Soaring


Doctors are warning residents living in Spains Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca that excess UV light exposure can lead to wrinkling, skin ageing, and skin cancer.

With a recent report showing that the ozone layer is in fact shrinking and a large hole appearing doctors in Spain have issued a grim warning to their patients, “If you must go out – COVER UP!”

There’s not a cloud in the sky

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The recent easing of the emergency lockdown means everyone can go outside. The problem is it has just turned May 1 and the UV levels have sky-rocketed. The airline industry has grounded almost all its fleets and like when 9-11 happened, temperatures are rising and UV rays are increasing.

One look at the map below says it all, from Benidorm in Spain straight down as far as Cadiz, it’s a ‘red for danger’ zone. The times to avoid are from 10am until 4pm with the peak in the middle so just remember to keep covered up.

After long periods of confinement, the bodies stocks of Vitamin D have basically all but disappeared and we need to replenish it. It is a scientific fact that we produce Vitamin D when exposed to the sun, but is advised by professional medical advisers to do it gradually, a little bit every day.


UV levels across the Costas are dangerously high as can be seen from this recent map.




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