Spain’s police catch eight more Costa del Sol parents flouting family outing lockdown restrictions

Finally from Monday families can go out together in groups of up to 10 in Phase 1 and groups of up to 15 in Phase 2 without risking fines. CREDIT: Pexels

Eight more parents have been caught by police today for flouting ‘family outing’ rules, according to Malaga’s law enforcement authorities.

SIX out of the eight parents were accompanied by another adult, despite the restrictions only allowing one parent/adult from the same household to go out with up to three children. The other two parents were fined for being more than one kilometre away from their home.

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In fact, just yesterday, Andalucia fined the first parent for being further than one kilometre away from her home with her children (as reported). Malaga’s police stress that it is strictly prohibited to be more than a kilometre away from your home when taking children out for their daily/walk or exercise.

Spain’s State of Alarm’s amended regulations also clearly stipulate that only one adult can go out with up to three children (under the age of 14). They can go out once a day for a maximum of one hour between the hours of 12pm and 7pm (from Saturday May 2) – by foot only. A two-metre distance must be maintained with others. Playgrounds are strictly off-limits and so is playing with other children. Children, however, can take their own toys, bikes or non-electric scooters.

The police have once again warned that families to abide by the rules because flouting restrictions can land parents a hefty fine of between €601 and €1,500.


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