Popular holiday resort Alcudia in Spain’s Mallorca getting ready to reopen its beaches in June

NEW NORMAL: There will be only a third the usual number of sunbeds to allow for social distancing CREDIT: commons.wikimedia.org Attribution: iwib2009

POPULAR holiday resort Alcudia is getting ready to reopen its beaches in early June.

The council is aiming to have all beach services up and running by June 8, albeit adapted to the ‘new reality’ of the coronavirus risk situation.

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This means only a third of the usual number of sunbeds, which will be well spaced out to guarantee social distancing, and using products to disinfect them, but which will not contaminate the environment.

Councillor Domingo Bonnin pointed out the council is the only one in the Balearic Islands which has historically exploited its beaches directly rather than depending on outside companies. He said the local authority will take on the financial losses from not being able to have more sunbeds and umbrellas as an investment which will allow for ‘the recovery of an image of normality’ even before the archipelago reopens its borders and tourists start to come back.

Bonnin said the cleaning and preparation of the sand will get going on Monday before installing umbrellas, assuming the authorisation is obtained.

The council has ruled out installing screens between sunbeds.

“It would be like going into a roaster,” Bonnin commented.

Instead, the local authority is planning to have the sunbeds at eight metres from each other widthways and 10 metres lengthways.

“We have sufficient space, and we will do it like that, unless new instructions arrive,” he said.


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