Gibraltar introduces a new Freedom of the Many and Seclusion of the Few Policy as Lockdown is Eased

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo GBC Twitter

GIBRALTAR has escaped the worst of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic up until now and with no deaths and fewer cases of illness being reported the government has decided to ease some of the lockdown restrictions.

Over 70s are now allowed, although not encouraged, to go out and various businesses will be opening on a phased and restricted basis over the next weeks but in order for this to continue there will be a stronger level of screenings introduced.

It was announced by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo that here will be compulsory testing of frontline workers including those working at the border as well as those involved in all aspects of the health and care sectors.


Once tested, each individual will be required to go into self-isolation until results are known and if tested positive then this isolation will have to continue.

Coupled with this will be contact tracing with anyone who is positive being interviewed and their movements recorded so that those they have been in contact with may be tested as well.

Companies will be required to appoint a Covid-19 representative, who will ensure compliance with social distancing measures, provision of sanitizer, implementation of all appropriate safety measures.

In addition, they will be required to report to the authorities details of which employee is in isolation and the reason why.


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