British Holiday Favourite in Costa Blanca in Spain Wants Mass Covid-19 Testing To Get Tourists Back


A British holiday favourite in the Costa Blanca area of Spain wants mass Covid-19 testing to show tourists that it will be a safe place to visit.

SANTA POLA, south of Alicante City, serves a double duty as an important fishing port, but also as a key tourist attraction bringing a real flavour of Spain to holidaymakers, who enjoy traditional fare around the bars and restaurants, as well as checking out the marina area.

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The municipality also has a range of magnificent beaches and includes the important residential area of Gran Alacant, which has a large number of holiday homes within it.

Santa Pola Council has now asked the Elche health department to launch a programme of mass coronavirus testing in its area, as a means of proving the locality is safe to welcome tourists again, and that visitors will be secure in the knowledge that any chance of catching Covid-19 will be low.

The local authority said that since the start of the pandemic, residents have abided by the rules of the State of Alarm, and council staff have been working from home whenever possible, whilst emergency workers like the Local Police have continued their outside duties.

The council believes that everybody in its area has played their part, and that mass testing is essential to get Santa Pola returning to normal as soon as possible, especially in relation to tourism.


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