Red Cross in Benalmadena begin initiative with Maskom supermarket for donations to those in need on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Cruz Roja and Maskom working together to help those in need. Credit: Facebook

CRUZ ROJA in Benalmádena has signed a collaboration agreement with the Maskom supermarket chain for the collection of economic donations for food and other basic necessities, to be delivered to those in need.

The agreement was created to cover the demand for aid in Benalmádena by the most disadvantaged social sectors during the health crisis.

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“The Spanish Cruz Roja will always be available to the people of Benalmádena, to help in any way we can during this health emergency situation,” said the president of Cruz Roja in Benalmádena, Paqui López.

“As a Malaga company, we cannot stop being close in these difficult times to help those who need it most,” said a Maskom spokesperson.

Therefore, MASKOMO SL has created a bank account that kind-hearted people can make their donations.

This account is as follows: ES04 2100 8641 6102 0014 5073.


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