Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay jumps red light during bike ride

£4million second home in Cornwall

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was snapped jumping a red light during a recent bike ride near his second home in Cornwall at the weekend.

Dashcam footage from a local resident, obtained by The Sun, shows the TV personality, 53, cycling through the junction, with residents blasting him for ‘nearly causing an accident.’

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Gordon has come under fire since he arrived at his £4.4 million property in mid-March with neighbours accusing him of bringing Covid-19 with him from London.

The footage was filmed while Gordon was attempting the 26.2-mile challenge.

An upset local told The Sun: ‘I was delivering some shopping to my daughter and this t**t decides to go through a red light at Trewornan Bridge.

‘Very nearly could have been a nasty accident as a car was coming the other way who had to slam on his brakes!’

‘I didn’t realise it was him at first he was travelling with another man and a lady. The other man also went through the red light, but the lady stopped at the red light.’

Ramsay denies the claims.


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