Time for political parties to come together in Velez-Malaga, mayor says, and leave sterile debates behind

Antonio Moreno Ferrer and Juan Garcia, credit: Velez-Malaga town hall

SPOKESPEOPLE for parties on Velez-Malaga Council met to discuss the mayor’s proposal for a round-table guaranteeing social and economic stability.

Velez-Malaga mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer, accompanied by one of his deputies, Juan Garcia, stressed beforehand that the local government coalition between the PSOE and the Torre del Mar party, GIPMTM was concerned by “sterile debates” at such a difficult time.

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“We don’t know when this situation will end and how many families will suffer from it directly or indirectly.  This virus, from which nobody is safe, is causing so much pain to so many families,” Moreno said.




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