Covid-19 Can Be Confused with Spring Allergies Say Costa Blanca in Spain Hospitals


SPRING allergy sufferers in the Costa Blanca area of Spain have been told by local hospitals that their symptoms could be mistakenly confused with having the coronavirus.

The allergology departments at Vinalopó Hospital in Elche and Torrevieja Hospital, say that people with an allergy might leap to the wrong conclusion that might have something more serious if they don’t feel well at this time of the year.

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The experts say that if you have an allergy, you do not have an increased chance of getting Covid-19, which in more serious cases presents itself as a fever.

Seasonal allergies are more apparent if you go outside, so the ironic benefit of the lockdown measures is that some of those problems have been reduced.

Mónica Antón, from Vinalopó Hospital said: “We recommend that allergy sufferers wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

“They should also close all their external doors and windows of their homes between noon and 5.00pm, when the outside air has more pollen in it.”


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