Help is close at Hand thanks to the Dedication of both Amateurs and Professionals in Spain

Delivering supplies to those in need Credit: Collective Calling

THERE are three categories of charitable assistance that either exist or have appeared during the lockdown in Spain due to coronavirus Covid-19.

Firstly there are the national and international charities such as Caritas and the Red Cross which employ a number of people to work with volunteers to raise funds and to promote the aims of the charity.

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They often rely on income from national or local authorities and also raise funds from donations and investments.

Secondly there are the local charities which might specialise in raising funds for orphans, animals, those suffering from specific diseases and the delivery of food to food banks.

In these cases funds are often raised through charity shops, social events and donation by well- wishers but of course with the lockdown many of the main sources of income are simply closed which makes it more difficult for the fundraisers to bring in the money so badly needed.

The third and most recent development is the spontaneous decision by people all over the country to simply do what they can to help others.

Restaurants have been selflessly donating cooked meals and food that would have been wasted to help those in social need and many individuals are banding together to create healthy and warming dishes on a daily basis.

Others are simply helping neighbours who may themselves be unable to get out by doing shopping for them or showing little acts of kindness particularly when they know someone is in isolation and alone.

Some people don’t care but the majority are trying to get through this with positive thoughts for their neighbours.

In the words of the song;

We are the world

We are the children

We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving


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