Bizarre crossing creates a buzz as Benidorm’s busiest pedestrian area on Spain’s Costa Blanca is transformed

MODERNISED: Benidorm's busiest pedestrian zone gets new futuristic crossing. CREDIT: Benidorm Seriously

A bizarre zebra crossing has appeared in the centre of Costa Blanca’s Benidorm over the last couple of days, with a striking resemblance to a running track.

WHILE the normal bustling holiday resort is ghostly quiet due to State of Alarm, Benidorm Council has been making the most of the lockdown carrying out essential road safety works in an area with highest pedestrian intensity.

And local press have been having a field day, with some photoshopping runners onto the pictures, and others questioning if this is the “strangest pedestrian crossing in the world?”

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The pedestrian crossings in the lower part of Calle Ruzafa, in the centre of the town, where it merges with Calles Herreraas and Emilio Ortuño, were previously separated by a few metres.

Technicians have now combined the crossings as they go round a sharp bend, making them look more like a race track than a road safety measure.


Additionally, the asphalt and road markings are now more non-slip than before in the area which has a maximum speed of 10 kph.

The new measures also feature a traffic light that manages queues and other technological elements.


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