After five weeks in confinement, Costa Blanca education experts offer advice to parents on how best to handle walks with the kids, allowed from tomorrow

Currently parents can take out up to three children for an hour between the hours of 12pm and 7pm, but given the increasing heat, the Junta has requested the central Government for a change to the lockdown outing timetable. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Costa Blanca education and psychology experts offer parents advice on how best to handle tomorrow’s walks with children up to 14, after almost five weeks in confinement.

LA NUCIA Council’s Psychopedagogical Office – which combines teaching and psychology – has put together tips on making these first outings since March 14 safe and enjoyable.

“Parents are key to helping the child overcome negative emotions or fears about this first outing,” the council said in a statement.

“In spite of the logical fears and uncertainty, we advocate going out every day with the children, because they need it for their physical and psychological well-being, always keeping the stipulated self-protection measures and complying with the regulations.”

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After so many weeks locked up at home, being able to go out again tomorrow can provoke different emotions in each child, says the council, from joy and excitement, to negative emotions such as fear of getting infected or being scared when seeing people, strangers with masks, gloves on.

“All of these reactions are normal, and each child will experience them, but parents can help them minimise negative emotions or fears.

“They can explain that the virus is not in the air and they are not going to catch it by going out in the street but by touching things that may be contaminated, like handrails, lift buttons, door handles etc.”

The experts advise talking everything through before leaving the house.

Inform them about what they can and cannot do, for example playgrounds are still out of bounds, so they don’t have false expectations.

“The aim of the outing is to enjoy the experience for both children and parents, to make it a positive one,” the council adds.

“For this reason we recommend parents stay calm because this will reassure their children, set rules but without threats or shouting.

“To make it a positive experience you have to share it with them, explaining and setting an example when it comes to the basic rules of hygiene, talking about the outing and planning the next one.”

From tomorrow, children up to the age of 14 are allowed outside ‘for walks’ when accompanied by an adult who lives within the same household.

Each adult can accompany up to three children on outings once a day, between 9am and 9pm, for up to one hour.

Playgrounds, parks and beaches out of bounds, though certain local authorities are relaxing restrictions so it is advisable to check the latest information on your town hall’s website.

Social distancing of two metres from other people must be maintained.


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