Frightening and Traumatic Ordeal for Stranded Elderly Woman in Costa Blanca Area of Spain

Elche Fire Station.

AN elderly woman endured a frightening and traumatic ordeal after she was stranded outside her home in the Costa Blanca area of Spain.

Elche firefighters were called out in the middle of night to help her, after she was heard crying for help from her apartment balcony on Calle Espiridión Porta Requesens.

She had gone outside six hours earlier to join in the mass applause for health and emergency staff working during the coronavirus crisis.

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Unfortunately as she was getting ready to return indoors, she slipped and fell to the ground.

She was unable to get up due to her frail state, and her cries for help were not heard.

Hours later, a neighbour heard her shouting and called the authorities.

An Elche fire crew got into her home to rescue her, and she received treatment for hypothermia at the scene from paramedics.


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