BREAKING NEWS: Gijón in Spain to open green spaces and beaches to allow children to go for walks amid Coronavirus isolation restrictions being relaxed in Asturias

Gijon beaches to open in Asturias Credit: TripSavvy

AS from Sunday, April 26, Gijón in northern Spain will open green spaces and parks of the city (except for children’s play areas), as well as the urban beaches of San Lorenzo, Poniente and El Arbeyal, for the newly authorised walks for children.

The use of urban beaches will be exclusively for the walks of minors, in no case will dogs be allowed to access them, the exits of which are still restricted to areas near the home. Gijón Town Hall has made this decision considering that open spaces are the appropriate places for the recreation of boys and girls, always maintaining the required security measures.

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Thus, children under 14 years of age may go out into the street for one hour a day, between 9am and 9pm, accompanied at all times by an adult who lives with them, with a maximum of three minors per adult. As the health authorities have specified, the social distance between minors and adults must be respected, preventing children from playing with each other.

Minors living in rural environments may go for a walk in the countryside, also respecting the distance, and those with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 or who are in quarantine, for whatever reason, must remain at home, keeping the confinement.


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