Winemakers on Spain’s holiday island Mallorca ask local consumers to drink home-produced to offset lost orders from bars and restaurants

SUPPORT: The producers point out Mallorca’s industry is made up of small family-run wineries CREDIT: DO BINISSALEM Facebook @DOBINISSALEM

WINEMAKERS in Mallorca are asking the islands’ residents to drink home-produced in a bid to try and offset some of the sector’s lost orders from bars, restaurants and hotels forced to keep their doors closed under the lockdown.

Producers, represented by the governing councils of the Mallorca Wine of the Land protected geographical indication and the Pla i Llevant and Binissalem certificate of origins, have come together to promote the islands’ wines, with a campaign targeting local consumers.

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“Given the situation generated by the state of alarm due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty in relation to the next tourism campaign, the sector has responded in the most intelligent way, joining forces, sharing ideas and carrying out joint actions”, they said.

Mallorca’s winemakers depend to a great extent on the islands’ hospitality trade, especially in the medium and high tourist seasons. The aim now is to increase local wines’ market share of the domestic consumer market, which currently stands at around 17 per cent.

The promotional campaign is about encouraging Mallorca’s residents to choose wines made right on their doorstep and support what are small-scale, family-run wineries rather than big companies.

The promotion focuses on the message of “0km wines, made from native grape varieties, which make up part of our history, which are an expression of a land and a countryside, which take to the glass the essence of Mallorca with their quality, diversity and the commitment of wineries and wine cellars which preserve the landscape, look after the vines, making wines with personality.”


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