Local Police in Costa del Sol Municipality Spain help Children with Autism to Understand What is Going on

New initiative from Marbella Council

ALTHOUGH the lockdown caused by the State of Alarm has been confusing and often worrying for many children, the situation for those with autism is even worse as their important routines have been broken.

The Marbella Council has launched their ‘I’ll tell you a story’ initiative whereby specially trained officers from the Local Police will visit the homes of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to talk to them about the confinement by way of a special story which hopefully will help them to understand.

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It has been possible during the State of Alarm for children with ASD to leave the home, but that has also caused problems with vulnerable kids and their parents being abused for being out on the streets.

Happily now, with the imminent relaxation of lockdown for youngsters, they will no longer stand out and be stigmatised as family groups will start to emerge from their homes.


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