BREAKING NEWS: French President Emmanuel Macron announces schools to reopen on May 11 as country comes out of Coronavirus lockdown


BREAKING NEWS: French President Macron announces schools to reopen on May 11 as the country comes out of Coronavirus lockdown.

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron has decided that parents will not be forced to send their children back to school when they reopen after May 11.

The Elysée Palace made the announcement to French media today, as the president met with local officials and mayors to consult on the government’s strategy to unwind the nationwide strict lockdown.

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From May 11, schools in France will gradually open and workers will begin to go back to work.

Schools will reopen gradually, with some classes starting before others and local officials giving discretion over reopening.

Supplies of masks and hand gel for pupils and teachers will also need to be in place before a school can reopen.

However, many parents and teachers were still worried that it was too early, and that children would be both at the risk of getting the Coronavirus themselves and to spread the virus at home.

The French government had been keen to reopen schools in order that vulnerable and disadvantaged children, many of whom have been unable to take advance of home-education offers, can be brought back into education.


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