Law enforcement step in and stop underground cockfight on Spain’s Costa Almeria

SEIZED: Officers found seven cockerels and artificial spurs CREDIT: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA CIVIL stepped in and stopped an underground cockfight from going ahead in Adra.

A passing patrol in the Puente del Rio district of the town which went to check out why there was a gathering of people and vehicles on a plot of ground despite the lockdown restrictions discovered the illegal fight was about to get underway.

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The group had set up a large paddling pool and covered the floor with artificial grass.

Officers found seven cockerels in cages and artificial spurs aimed at wounding the opponent bird. They also came across veterinary materials, including medications with no prescription, and 27 flower pots of marihuana.

Several of the group tried to make off when they spotted the law, but officers stood in their way.

The Guardia identified 16 individuals from Almeria and Granada, all of whom face sanctions for breaking the coronavirus State of Alarm lockdown. Four were charged with animal cruelty.


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