Danish drive-thru solution to Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing regulations

DRIVE-THRU SOLUTION: Danes will be able to watch films, concerts and football from their cars. CREDIT: Flickr
The Danish Super League, like most around the world, has been postponed and games are likely to be played ‘behind closed doors’ in empty stadiums when football does resume.


But determined fans will not miss out, bosses at league leaders, Midtjylland FC, have revealed plans which will allow 2,000 cars to park around their MCH stadium and watch matches on big screens.

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This means up to 4,000 fans can watch games displayed on two large screens.

They hope to duplicate the audio from television commentary and make it available in cars through a specified frequency.

A Midtjylland director, Preben Rokkjaer, said in a statement: ‘In the coming time when we unfortunately have to play the Super League without spectators, we are working hard to create the best possible experience.

‘[Drive-in football] will go a long way to giving something back to the region and our many loyal fans.

‘We have a stated goal of creating the best stadium experience and coronavirus doesn’t change that, it just provides some other preconditions.

The club is liaising with the police, the Herning local authorities and MCH to create a safe framework and security for everyone.’

But it’s not just football that will opened up, at least is some form, to the Danish.

From Friday, Tangkrogen park near the beach in Aarhus will stream live concerts, comedy and movies that viewers can watch from their cars – the new ‘P-Scene.’

The initiative is the brainchild of event agency Front of House and the Association of the City of Aarhus.

A spokesperson said “we can’t say 100 per cent that it will work” but on Easter Sunday, they put on a show with 1,800 people in 500 cars, which “was well received.”




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