5.6 per cent of residents on Spain’s Costa Blanca residents living in confinement during State of Alarm without any view at all

INTERIOR DWELLINGS: Many people are enduring lockdown without any view at all. CREDIT: Twitter CREDIT: Twitter

Some 5.6 per cent of Costa Blanca residents are living in confinement during State of Alarm without being able to see the street.

THE lay out of a portion Valencian Community’s housing stock, much the same as in many European countries, means that for many people and families, lockdown and isolation is made more difficult to deal with due to the lack of any views at all.

According to a study carried out by Idealista, this applies to 5.6 per cent of homes in the Valencian Community, and 7.9 per cent in Spain as a whole.

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Among the Community’s province, the most affected by this type of ‘interior home’ situation is Castellon, with 6.6 per cent of its housing stock having no views at all, followed by Valencia with 5.3 per cent, and Alicante with 3 per cent.

By Autonomous Community, Madrid is the region with the highest percentage of homes with no views (15.4 per cent), followed by the Canarias (9.8 per cent), Aragon (8.4), Islas Baleares (7.8), Catalonia (7.1), Castilla-La Mancha (6.6), La Rioja (6.4), Asturias (6.1), Euskadi (5.7), Andalucia and the Valencia Community (5.6 per cent in both).

Cantabria leads the regions with the lowest percentage of interior dwellings, with only 1.3 per cent, followed by Navarra (3.1), Murcia (3.3), Extremadura (3.4), Galicia and Castilla y Leon (4 per cent in each).

Idealista came to these findings by analysing all the homes, both for sale and rent, that have been advertised in its database in the last 12 months.


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