Threats and vandalism targeting law enforcement in Spain’s Costa Almeria lead to one arrest

STREET ATTACK: Father and daughter both stabbed and are being treated in Huesca hospital.

THREATS daubed on the walls of an Almanzora Valley Guardia Civil station and other acts of vandalism targeting local officers have led to one arrest, Spanish press reported.

“He who loves by the sword, dies by the sword”, was the latest sinister message scrawled on the station façade on April 11. On top of this, there have been several incidents of the tyres of officers’ vehicles being slashed.

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News of Monday’s detention came after the AUGC Guardia Civil Unified Association put out a press release referring to other cases last year in Andalucia where the units have “terrible security conditions.”

In one incident in Cordoba an officer’s official vehicle was set on fire.


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