Summer events off on Spain’s Costa Almeria

PRIORITY: Protecting public health comes first, the council stressed CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

SUMMER events are off in Adra, the local council has announced.

All the events lined up for between now and September which would attract large gatherings have been cancelled due to the risk of coronavirus contagion.

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The means the theatre festival, local fiestas, concerts, shows and events at the cultural centre are not happening.

The decision was a unanimous one, agreed at an extraordinary videoconference meeting on Monday of the spokespersons of all the political groups represented on the administration and presided over by Adra mayor Manuel Cortes.

The council stressed protecting public health was the priority and the move was based on health authority recommendations.

At the same time, the authority made the point that the decision would be revised and modified in accordance with national government indications and the phases of the eventual lockdown restrictions de-escalation, to which the municipality will have to adapt.

One event which is still not definitively cancelled is the Juergas Rock Festival 2020, programmed for August 6,7 and 8. The council said both it and the company organising the event were working on the assumption it will not be going ahead, but that they are waiting on “clear and definitive instructions” from the Spanish government about the restrictions which will be established in coming weeks.


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