Portugal registers more Covid-19 recoveries than deaths for first time

The number of people being treated in Portugal's hospital for Covid-19 has fallen for the fifth consecutive day, and patients in intensive care have also gone down since yesterday.

PORTUGAL has registered more coronavirus (Covid-19) recoveries than deaths from the disease for first time, according to the country’s Health Secretary António Lacerda Sales. Around 910 people have now recovered from Covid-19, compared to the country’s death total which stands at 762.

Around 27 people have died from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, of which 20 were aged over 80 years. However, less than 30 people have died for the last three consecutive days.

Around 516 new infections have also been recorded since yesterday, but on a positive note the number of people being treated in hospital has fallen for the fifth consecutive day. The number of people in intensive care has also gone down, with two fewer patients in ICU since yesterday too.





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