Plea To The Police From Parents On Costa del Sol’s Carvajal As Kids Keep Missing Out


Parents Of Young Children in Carvajal On Spain’s Costa del Sol Have Issued A Kind Plea To The Police Asking Not To Be Missed Out

AS we now after many weeks have got accustomed to the 8pm parades by the police and sometimes fire engines blaring their sirens, parents from Carvajal have made a kind plea on behalf of their children who get all excited as they hear the sirens coming but then get missed out as the parade doesn’t reach them each night.


Whilst the parades come down the sea front of Fuengirola, it appears that they only get as far as Torreblanca at the bottom of the sea front before turning left missing out the Carvajal stretch.

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“Our kids get so excited and run out every night when they hear the sirens wailing and start clapping, please come, please come they shout, but each night the parade turns by the Calypso bar back to the road behind before heading back to Fuengirola, hey we are not complaining, these guys are doing a fantastic job keeping us safe, but it would be nice for them to drive down a little further and give the kids a wave if possible,” said Miguel Lopez.

“We have sent a lovely hand written letter to the police station with a colourful drawing from the kids, so hopefully that may bring it to their attention.”

Franco Gussipe also had the same feelings “My children are so pent up, the sirens get them so excited but the police turn away each night before getting to us, the children have given up running outside now as they know they will not pass us, my son he says “Papa they won’t pass us, they turn away, they forget about us, we signed the letter and hopefully the police now come.”



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