Mallorca’s Tennis Star Nadal: “I don’t understand why we can’t play when other people are going to work in Spain”

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Credit: PA.

SPANISH tennis player, Rafa Nadal, acknowledged that he does not quite understand why they cannot play tennis during the coronavirus pandemic whilst “other people are going to work,” although he claimed to understand that this is “an unprecedented situation,” which is causing complications for the government and he hopes that they can stand “united and seek solutions so that people suffer as little as possible.”

“I do not understand why we cannot play tennis when many people are going to work, and even more in regard to this sport, which requires a large safety distance with one person on each side of the court, but I understand that the situation is very critical and that the government is overwhelmed by an unprecedented situation and the last thing they are thinking about is who can train,” explained Nadal in a live broadcast from his Instagram.

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The Mallorca native indicated that currently he is not playing tennis, due to the quarantine measures set out by the State of Alarm. “I do not have a court at home, I miss it a little. The Academy sent me some machines and I am following my daily routine because I think that it’s important to keep my body and mind awake, that is what I am trying to do at all times,” he pointed out.

The number 2 in tennis worldwide was asked about what his future holds and he made clear that, for now, he would like “to continue playing tennis… this is what I want today and truthfully speaking I am looking forward to returning to the court,” he acknowledged.

Nadal insisted that in the first two weeks of confinement it was “difficult for him to understand what was happening” and that it was hard for him to remain “positive watching the news and see people suffering so much,” although now he is much “more positive” and has been collaborating in efforts to help with the crisis through his Foundation or with the new initiative that he promoted together with Pau Gasol to collaborate with the Red Cross.

“It is hard to see how many families are losing a loved one and cannot say goodbye, I cannot imagine how hard that is, so all my support goes out to them, and also to those who are have lost their jobs and the health professional,” said the Spanish tennis player.

“This suffering is going to continue in the future and it is going to be a very hard period for many families and this is a time to be united and to look for solutions so that people suffer as little as possible. We are must think that hopefully things will improve and as soon as possible” he added.


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