Andalucia’s President Proposes Limiting Capacity at Beaches and Gradually Reopening the Hospitality Sector This Summer in the Costa del Sol

List of locations with border confinement in Malaga gets longer
More towns will have border confinement in effect from Saturday CREDIT: La Junta de Andalucia

THE President of the Andalucia Government (La Junta), Juanma Moreno, proposed this Tuesday to “progressively” reopen hotel and restaurant establishments, complying with the maximum safety, distance and cleanliness guarantees, whilst also pointing towards the possibility of reopening the beaches although with “limiting the capacity.” However, he does warn that “this summer will not be the same as the previous one.”

In an interview with Telecinco, Moreno insisted that Andalucia should be one of the first communities to begin carrying out the de-escalation phase as it is one of the least impacted provinces in the territory affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Andalucia meets the conditions required, so in some regions and provinces we should be able to reactivate the freedom of movement and economic activity, albeit in a progressive manner and with the maximum sanitary requirements necessary,” Moreno explained.

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He has expressed his concern for the tourism sector, which is set to reach losses of €15 million and affect 120,000 jobs if the quarantine is extended for a longer period of time and there is no tourist activity during the summer. “It is a key industry for Andalucia and I want to be optimistic,” he points out, which is why the Andalucian government is already working alongside the restaurant and hotel sector.

Proposals to improve safety include daily microbiological cleaning, taking temperatures and expanding the spaces between tables. Moreno deems that “it would be reasonable” to re-open this sector gradually if “there is that commitment on behalf of the sector” to ensure the safety of their staff and clients.

Regarding the beach situation this summer, Moreno has assured that the typical image of crowded beaches will not be seen this season and that capacity to these areas will have to be limited. This would be established via controls at the beach accesses. “It is not what we are used to, but without treatment or a vaccination, nothing else is possible,” he explained.

Furthermore, Moreno reprimanded the central government for their lack of response regarding this “very serious announcement” that hotels and restaurants could remain closed until January. He questions if this is “an announcement or an occurrence” and whether the government has “any scientific data to guarantee that activity in this sector will not restart until January.”

The president of the Junta has noted that there are thousands of workers and freelancers who await an answer and a lack of preparation or business in this sector will cause “an economic collapse and catastrophe for part of Spain.”


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