Andalucia President wants more fresh air for kids trapped indoors under lockdown on Costa del Sol and across Spain than government plans

“DISAPPOINTED”: The Junta head was hoping children would be allowed to “enjoy the fresh air and open spaces.” CREDIT: junta de Andalucía Twitter @AndaluciaJunta

THE Andalucia president wants to see kids trapped indoors under lockdown on the Costa del Sol and across Spain given greater freedoms to get out into the open air than the national government’s measure on relaxing the restrictions for children allows.

“As a father, I feel a little bit disappointed”, Junta de Andalucia head Juanma Moreno tweeted on Tuesday afternoon in response to the agreement by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’ cabinet to let under-14s go with an adult they share a home with to shops, pharmacies and banks from next Monday April 27.

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“It seems more reasonable that children can enjoy the fresh air and open spaces”, Moreno suggested.

“I believe the government should rethink the measure as they have set it out.”

Junta Vice-President Juan Marin also took to Twitter to make his thoughts on the subject known.

“Pharmacies, supermarkets and banks are not places for minors. Parks and open spaces with protection measures would be more appropriate. I hope they rectify this”, he commented.

Other regional presidents have expressed similar views about today’s announcement on the easing of confinement for kids, including the head of the Galician government Alberto Nuñez. So too had the leader of the main Popular Party Opposition Pablo Casado.


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