Spain’s British Expats from the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca react to Phillip Schofield’s move into ‘Bachelor Pad’


Phillip Schofield has moved out of his family home and into a bachelor pad in London sparking a social media frenzy in Spain.

WITHIN minutes of the story being published, literally thousands took to Facebook and Twitter to give their opinions of Phillip’s move to ‘freedom.’ Here are just a few…

Let’s start with the timid ones, Alice Jenson from Estepona said:

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“How can you think, or say he is such a nice guy.” Another woman from Marbella commented: “Terrible all those years she gave him expecting to grow old together, now he leaves her.” John Benderville from Torremolinos said: “Should give Keith Vaz a ring if he is lonely!!! Alan Pardoe from Benalmadena: “A bit difficult taking the boyfriend home to meet the wife!”

Gary Nicholls: “Bugger I couldn’t care less.” Now we get to the nitty-gritty, last name withheld, Paul… from London:

He was cheating on his wife with a studio runner. They fell out, the runner was going to expose him. Only then did he come out.
My friend works with him.

And finally: “So this is big news is it? He is just a precious, self-obsessed, selfish git and I couldn’t give a toss for him. His wife, however, I feel very sorry for, despite the fact she will be financially secure.”

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