PSPV party designs an App to get things moving in Javea during lockdown and once it is over

Providing advance orders App for post-lockdown purchases, credit: PSPV Javea

THE local PSPV set up a website to help Javea’s commerce get back on its feet when lockdown ends.

The municipality’s 11 PSPV councillors used €3,900 of their own money to design and launch the App which allows users to make – and pay for – advance orders or buy vouchers for when lockdown ends.

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This should provide some much-needed liquidity for Javea businesses, many of which have closed or now work with restrictions, resulting in zero turnover and nothing with which to pay overheads, the party explained.

The app is 100 per cent local and will be free for all Javea-based firms, shops, bars and business-owners regardless of whether they belong to one of the town’s three business associations.

The website will also provide details of businesses that remain open and whether they accept telephone orders and deliver.

The project has been well-received by the local business community and should launch within days, said Jose Chulvi, Javea mayor and president of the local branch of the PSPV.




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