Man in Spain’s Malaga on the Costa del Sol Arrested for Stopping a Bus from Moving

The man was removed by National Police Officers Credit: Marbella se queja

RESIDENTS of Calle Tejeros in Malaga City watched in consternation as for some reason a middle aged man decided to stand in front of a bus and not let it move off.

He leant against the front of the vehicle for more than five minutes ignoring requests to move before officers of the National Police arrived and rather than simply walk away, he still refused to budge holding on to the windscreen wipers of the bus.

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Eventually, he was manhandled off the road and forced, face down, onto the pavement where he was hand cuffed and then placed into the back of a police vehicle and removed from the scene.

There have been reports recently of a number of similar events concerning individuals standing in roads and refusing to move; on some occasions becoming violent and it may be that the length of the lockdown is having a detrimental effect on the mental health of certain people.


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