Euro Weekly Readers letters from the Costa del Sol: Orange leaves a sour taste in one reader’s mouth

Orange you pleased you don't have Movistar? Credit: Twitter

Dear EWN,
Please allow me to share my nightmare experience with Orange the mobile and internet supplier. It commenced on a recent Monday when I noticed I did not have an internet connection. I telephoned the English-speaking helpline (laughs out loud) and the agent said a technician would call me back, little did I know this would lead to a total of 25 telephone calls and speaking to 22 different people between Monday and Friday.
From excuses of the Fraud Department cancelling my account to ‘the system’ doing it by itself, many dropped phone calls and even a trip into Fuengirola to an Orange shop that never opens where I received a fine from the police for being out of my house.
On Friday by some stroke of luck, I spoke to a young Orange operator who called to arrange an appointment with the Tecnicos. As if by magic they arrived 30 minutes later and fitted a new router and explained that at some point my landline number was changed as was the password to access wifi with my mobile.
Orange cut my internet package completely without warning and without reason and appear to be useless at rectifying the problem. It caused me days of stress and anger.
Their efforts to solve the problem stemming from their huge blunder have been nothing short of a disgrace to put it mildly and their customer service something out of the Third World.

Kind Regards,

Ronnie Waugh




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